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Open Source
Contributing to Linux on SGI/MIPS

Hello There!

There's a lot of work to do, and we need help.

Projects we're thinking on (some crazy to imagine, some straightforward):

  • User friendly dual boot Linux/IRIX(TM) support
  • Easy switch between IRIX(TM) and Linux
  • Documentation: complete and easy to understand SGI/Linux HOWTOs
  • EFS/XFS support in Linux (mount IRIX(TM) disks from Linux)
  • XFree86 port to SGI/Linux.
    • Migrate the M68k port universal console code for frame buffers (for those machines that have frame buffers, Indy's lack this).
  • OpenGL(TM) on SGI/Linux
  • A lot more userland porting - get to a bona-fide Red Hat like distribution.

If you think you can contribute to any of the above, or to freeware on SGI in general, or you have even better ideas, and have a reasonable net connection please try the following course:

  • Join our mailing list
  • Before you ask questions, please Read the archive (to avoid repeat questions)
  • Download the distribution and/or sources, get your Indy boot Linux
  • Feel free to ask questions
  • If at this point you feel like you're ready to contribute:
    • Tell the list a little about yourself, your expertise, and projects you've worked on in the past.
    • What would you like to work on?
    • How committed you are to this project?
    • How much time can you invest in it (per day/week)?
    • How long do you think it would take you to complete?
    • What help would you need from us
  • We will gladly provide CVS write and ssh access to serious members of the list who wish to contribute.

Since team work over the net requires a lot of code sharing, we would prefer people with a good Internet connection so we can share resources effectively. Also, if you are interested in running a mirror of the ftp site, let us know.

Please be advised that we get a huge amount of requests for hardware and that we've already donated a significant amount of hardware to the current participants. We are currently out of hardware to loan or donate. As much as we would like to we cannot promise to try and fund additional hardware except for the most significant proposals.

Lastly: if you already have SGI hardware, an additional low-cost SCSI disk should be sufficient for dual booting. We welcome more testers and contributors who already have SGI hardware.

Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds