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Open Source
Linux on SGI/MIPS
URL: http://oss.sgi.com/mips/

The MIPS port of Linux is supported by SGI as a research tool only. The Linux/MIPS port is used for testing the NUMA capabilities of Linux on SGI's MIPS architecture. SGI recognizes the effort of the Linux community which continues to evolve this port on a variety of platforms.

Currently, only Indys have a working XFree86. Other machines boot - but only via serial console. These are: Indigo2, Challenge S. At this time the Indigo and O2 are still not supported. But some developers have stated that they are trying to fix this.

Ongoing work:

  • boot multiuser (done)
  • self hosted (ongoing)
  • runs X Window (ongoing, done for the Indy)
  • supports userland RPMs (ongoing)
  • easy to install (done, alpha stage)
  • run side-by-side with IRIX(TM)
  • take advantage of SGI advanced graphics and digital media capabilities

In any way we still need people with good experience (esp. in kernel programming). If you feel like you want to do something for the project check out the contribute page to find out how can you help us make this port better.

This page was last modified on Nov 12th 2001.

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