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Re: XFS + LVM + Software RAID5 on Debian testing

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Subject: Re: XFS + LVM + Software RAID5 on Debian testing
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Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 06:46:07 -0500
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Steve Wray wrote:

Does anyone know if the combination of LVM2 and software RAID5 on top
of SATA works reliably outside of any filesystem issues?

We are running a debian woody box, with some things from backports; its got 2.6.6 kernel, LVM2, sata, software raid 5 and many of its filesystems are XFS.

We've been seeing lots of problems on the XFS partitions, but touching /forcefsck and watching a reboot reveals that there are frequently problems with other filesystems; / frequently has issues and its ext2 on /dev/hda1 which is a PATA device.

XFS certainly complains a lot louder than the other filesystems do when it has problems, but I don't believe that its an XFS specific problem.

What SATA controller are you running? I think I've traced my problems to the Silicon Image 3112 controller. There are known problems with this chip which look like they have been fixed, but only if you apply all of the latest patches (latest from 6/22: http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-ide&m=108793699914304&w=2 )

I'm waiting on a new SATA controller so I can start testing again and see if that's my only problem.

Charles Steinkuehler

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