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Re: ext3 + xfs + jfs + reiser

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Subject: Re: ext3 + xfs + jfs + reiser
From: Buchan Milne <bgmilne@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 11:02:15 +0200
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Derek Glidden wrote:

Eric Sandeen wrote:

Dunno about a single patch, but the latest Mandrake has all of those
filesystems co-existing.

On a slight tangent, I was at an expo last week and a SuSE guy was also there. A brief discussion popped up about journaling filesystems and we determined that XFS was *not* going to be in SuSE 7.3 while Reiser, ext3 and JFS were. His explanation was that XFS was not stable enough but had no more technical information.

Can any SuSE guys around here comment more on that?

No, but this is what Civileme (the highly-respected-in-Mandrake-circles QA manager at Mandrakesoft) posted on the Mandrakeforum:

It is interesting to see here that:
1)Mandrake considers XFS better for general use than ReiserFS, which they have shipped with since 7.1
2)Mandrake considers JFS (1.0.4) unstable, I am not sure if they actually disabled JFS in the installer or not ....
3)Ext3 is by far the slowest of the 3 Journalling FS's availble, and only has one advantage - easy migration from ext2.

That said, I am still sitting with the majority of our data on ReiserFS, until I have enough spare disk space to migrate to XFS (ACLs would be really convenient right now ....)

(My suspicions are really less that it's unstable and more that it touches pretty deeply into the rest of the VFS layer that made them unhappy and not want to use it for whatever reason. Some of the same stuff I've seen Alan Cox mention here.)

AFAIK XFS and Ext3 are both in -ac kernels now?

On Mon, 2001-10-22 at 12:21, pac@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

 Anyone know of a super-duper-all-in-one patch for
  xfs+ext3+jfs+ (reiser is already in the kernel) ?

This is not for the faint-of-heart ... After taking a look at the kernel in Mandrake's cooker at:
you will notice that there are a lot of patches for XFS and JFS against 2.4.12-ac3 .....


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