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xfs_quota report

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Subject: xfs_quota report
From: Arkadiusz Miskiewicz <arekm@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 00:49:34 +0200
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xfs_quota -x -c "report" by default walks passwd and displays quota only for 
users found there.

I wonder if there is a better way to get information about uid/gids that have 
any files on xfs filesystem? So report command could be enhanced to display 
such "users", too. 

Right now the only option is to use report -L0 -Usome_very_high_number with a 
hope that the number will always be high enough.
Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz        PLD/Linux Team
arekm / maven.pl            http://ftp.pld-linux.org/

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