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xfsrestore bus error

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Subject: xfsrestore bus error
From: Matthew Rose <mat@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2002 15:24:56 +0100
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I have an xfs filesystem on an lvm volume on an i386 ide disk. xfsdump
seems to happily work:

date=`date +%y-%m-%d`
xfsdump -l 0 -p 30 -L home.full.$date -M home.full.$date - /home

I wanted to save the dumps to cd so I pipe the above dump into split:

| split --bytes=700m - home.0.$date.

then create iso9660 images and burn them.

When I restore, I copy the files then cat them into xfsrestore -

Should this work? At the moment cat home.0.02-10-01.a* | xfsrestore -p
30 -J -v trace - /mnt/temp/ seems happy until it suddenly returns 135
complaining of "bus error".

I can't find any mention of bus error in the xfsdump-2.0.1 source or
cat.c. I don't know where the message is coming from.

If there is something obviously wrong with my regime then what is it?
Otherwise, where do you suggest I look next?

Here is the output from xfsrestore:

xfsrestore: using file dump (drive_simple) strategy
xfsrestore: version 3.0 - Running single-threaded
xfsrestore: searching media for dump
xfsrestore: examining media file 0
xfsrestore: file 0 in object 0 of stream 0
xfsrestore: file 0 in stream, file 0 of dump 0 on object
xfsrestore: dump description: 
xfsrestore: hostname: homer
xfsrestore: mount point: /home
xfsrestore: volume: /dev/homerdata/home
xfsrestore: session time: Tue Oct  1 06:52:02 2002
xfsrestore: level: 0
xfsrestore: session label: "home.full.02-10-01"
xfsrestore: media label: "home.full.02-10-01"
xfsrestore: file system id: d784a76e-45e9-4910-aa26-01e6b59d85d4
xfsrestore: session id: d783a9f1-808b-49c8-ad36-0f58baa610e0
xfsrestore: media id: 46e82ac2-817c-4415-b106-a9703ba0c2a7
xfsrestore: searching media for directory dump
xfsrestore: dump session label: "home.full.02-10-01"
xfsrestore: dump session id: d783a9f1-808b-49c8-ad36-0f58baa610e0
xfsrestore: stream 0, object 0, file 0
xfsrestore: initializing directory attributes registry
xfsrestore: initializing directory entry name registry
xfsrestore: initializing directory hierarchy image
Bus error

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