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RE: dd of xfs partition does not mount

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Subject: RE: dd of xfs partition does not mount
From: "LA Walsh" <law@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 12:46:19 -0700
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Maybe a different version of dmesg.  Mine only shows mostly bootup info.
There is syslog -- but that's not usually part of my UI...I have to go
look at some log file -- not really part of my interface and certainly
not someplace I go first to look at for more explanation on generic
error messages.

It all sorta goes along the lines of that tech writer, who recently tried
to switch over to linux from Win and had a 11-page (techwriter) disaster.

It's not the facts -- or the details, or the workings....it's appearances --
it's what the user sees.  It's the *user interface*.  It's like the difference
in ST-TOS, where Spock could listen to essentially modem/binary output
and understand it vs. Majel Barret's computer voice giving a slightly more
(over the years) helpful explanation...though there were computers that
were better for UI...what was that one in ... was it Next Gen?  That got
that relationship going with Tom....too bad she was *e-v-i-l*.....

Me -- just one improvement would be mouse movement and operation by laser
tracking of my eyes -- or imagine if my computer listened to my mutterings...
me: "Huh...what the...?"

Computer using Kelly LeBroc's voice (from Weird Science):
        "The program you just ran exited with a status 3 and ran into an unknown
error.   This was caused by the xfs.mount program's default setting to
not mount volumes with duplicate volume ID's.  The volume you tried to mount
has the same volume ID as the filesystem on device sd3, partition a that you
have mounted at foobar."
me: "oh". (thinking myself all the dumber for not seeing the 'obvious' -- at
least 'obvious' to the computer).

which it could differentiate by me seeing something on the DVD (on at the same
time in a different window or off to the right of my screen, where it
could say (perhaps in voice from the subject):

"I was taking the bath and had a flash forward of my life after the
Cannes "theft" if I chose to kill the widow and attempted to assume her
identity; it was a total dream fabrication of 7+ years of life compressed
into a few seconds of 'dream time'"

me: "oh" (thinking that's what I get for not paying attention and trying to
program at the same time)....

computer: "if you liked this film you might also like the 'Sleeping Dictionary"

me: (inner grumber, thinking to myself, darn pop-up ads...I thought my


But hey....that just my idea of a UI....having done my share of cycle counting
for assembler in school (being curse with learning CDC/Cyber assember with
a 60-bit word size as first assembler), and while working at Intel during
the 8085->8086 transition days, because code cycles did make a visible
difference), I'm a bit more in favor of the "friendly UI".  I can't
imagine trying to explain the error message to my mom or dad (70's) "You
know, the "Start Menu" -- what you get when you click on Start"?...

But to each their own....:-)


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