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Re: (usagi-users 02296) IPv6 duplicate address bugfix

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Subject: Re: (usagi-users 02296) IPv6 duplicate address bugfix
From: Peter Bieringer <pb@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 20:23:58 +0200
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just my 2 cents, I already saw, that newest USAGI snapshot include a fix.

--On Sunday, March 30, 2003 02:27:05 PM +0200 Simone Piunno
<pioppo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When adding an IPv6 address to a given interface, I'm allowed to
> add that address multiple time, e.g.:


I didn't dig into any patch and also not into related drafts/RFCs, but one
scenario should be catched I think - or to be discussed:


Address was already added by autoconfiguration on receiving advertisement
(limited lifetime). Now the same address would be added manually (unlimited

What (should) happen?

Mho: manual add is allowed, both addresses need to be listed.

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