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FrameRelay packets

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Subject: FrameRelay packets
From: Rabeeh Khoury <rabeeh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2000 15:26:26 +0200
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Hi All,

I am developing FrameRelay interfaces over our (Galileo Technology)
embedded systems; when getting the FrameRelay packet from higher levels
(dlci devices) the packet is not 64-bit alligned. I need this alignment
in order to achieve maximum throughput.

The ethernet packets that I receive from upper layers are always 64-bit
aligned, I tried to find what is the difference between dlci devices (10
bytes header) and ethernet devices (14 bytes header) in their netdev
declarations that makes ethernet devices to be aligned, but I didn't
find any thing special. Does any one know how to fix this ? (low cost
fix without using any skb_* functions to copy the packet then aligning
it !)


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