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Re: Fw: Log full of "ing_filter: fixed ippp2 out ippp2"

To: Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Fw: Log full of "ing_filter: fixed ippp2 out ippp2"
From: jamal <hadi@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 10 Mar 2005 21:20:47 -0500
Cc: netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx, Kimmo Sundqvist <kimmo.sundqvist@xxxxxxxx>
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Organization: jamalopolous
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Does this fix it?

On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 20:49, Andrew Morton wrote:
> Can you check to see if 2.6.11 is still doing this?
> Begin forwarded message:
> Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 22:07:41 +0200
> From: Kimmo Sundqvist <kimmo.sundqvist@xxxxxxxx>
> To: linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Log full of "ing_filter:  fixed  ippp2 out ippp2"
> Hello
> Please cc all replies to me.
> After upgrading my little NATting firewall/router from 2.6.7-ck4 to 
> 2.6.10-gentoo-r6 my /var/log/messages is 15MB in size and most of it looks 
> like the text below.  All traffic to the Internet seems to cause this.  
> "cat /var/log/messages | uniq | uniqmessages" results in a 3MB file.  I use 
> syslog-ng.

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