Bug 841 - Path length limit in setfacl ACL utility for Unicode paths
: Path length limit in setfacl ACL utility for Unicode paths
Product: XFS
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Component: xfsprogs
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: P5 minor
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Reported: 2009-06-30 06:42 CDT by Dmitry Shurupov
Modified: 2009-09-04 11:10 CDT (History)
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Description Dmitry Shurupov 2009-06-30 06:42:55 CDT
In read_acl_comments() function of the setfacl/parse.c file linebuf variable is limited to 1024 characters. As I have learned in the process of importing ACLs from our server, that's not enough for Unicode paths on the production file server using file names with Unicode.

While "getfacl -R" returns correct file of ACLs, "setfacl --restore" says "invalid argument near line XYZ" on lines with long Unicode paths. Changing "linebuf[1024]" to "linebuf[2048]" in setfacl/parse.c solved my problem.

An example of ACL entry that setfacl couldn't take care of because of 1024 limit is as following:

# file: home/miem/ict/2002/Denis.Korolev/private/MIEM/\320\237\321\200\320\265\320\277\320\276\320\264\320\260\320\262\320\260\320\275\320\270\320\265/\320\230\321\201\321\205\320\276\320\264\320\275\321\213\320\265\040\320\274\320\260\321\202\320\265\321\200\320\270\320\260\320\273\321\213\040-\040\320\232\320\276\320\274\320\277\321\214\321\216\321\202\320\265\321\200\320\275\320\260\321\217\040\320\263\321\200\320\260\321\204\320\270\320\272\320\260/\320\232\320\276\320\274\320\277\321\214\321\216\321\202\320\265\321\200\320\275\320\260\321\217\040\320\263\321\200\320\260\321\204\320\270\320\272\320\260/Usability,\040UI,\040Ergonomics/\320\234\320\260\321\202\320\265\321\200\320\270\320\260\320\273\040\320\272\040\321\203\321\207\320\265\320\261\320\275\320\276\320\274\321\203\040\320\272\321\203\321\200\321\201\321\203\040\320\277\320\276\040\321\215\321\200\320\263\320\276\320\275\320\276\320\274\320\270\320\272\320\265/\320\255\321\200\320\263\320\276\320\275\320\276\320\274\320\270\320\272\320\260\040\320\270\040\321\216\320\267\320\260\320\261\320\270\320\273\320\270\321\202\320\270.pdf
# owner: root
# group: users

Our server is running Gentoo Linux with Linux kernel 2.6.28 and acl v2.2.47 from Gentoo portage.
Comment 1 Christoph Hellwig 2009-09-04 11:10:25 CDT
The ACL tools/libary are not part of the XFS project anymore.  Please open a bug with the bugtracker in the ACL project of http://savannah.nongnu.org, thanks.