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Re: [PATCH 00/28] xfsprogs: sparse inode chunks

To: Brian Foster <bfoster@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH 00/28] xfsprogs: sparse inode chunks
From: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 10:39:23 +1000
Cc: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Delivered-to: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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On Tue, Jun 16, 2015 at 10:33:44AM +1000, Dave Chinner wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 02, 2015 at 02:41:33PM -0400, Brian Foster wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > Now that the sparse inode chunks feature is merged into the kernel tree
> > for 4.2, here is the first official drop of userspace support. This
> > series is based on the current libxfs-4.1-update branch.
> > 
> > Patches 1-10 are libxfs infrastructure and correspond to the similarly
> > named kernel patches. The bits not relevant to userspace are dropped
> > along with the bulk of the sparse inode chunk allocation logic from the
> > kernel due to the combination of non-existent dependencies in userspace
> > (e.g., xfs_bit.c) and the fact that this code isn't invoked from
> > userspace.
> Ok, so this is causing problems with merging other code into
> userspace. What I'm trying to do is keepthe kernel fs/xfs/libxfs/
> code as close to identical with the xfsprogs libxfs/ code so that
> patches just port straight across. I came across this difference
> because my rmap btree patches fail to apply cleanly to xfs_ialloc.c
> and it's because of all this missing code in userspace.
> Rather than wait another day or two for you to rework this, Brian,
> I'm simply going to rework this series to pull all the kernel patches
> across and make it compile in userspace so that I can pull all the
> rmap btree stuff across without needing to rework bits and peices of
> the patchset.

BTW, with patches I'll soon commit:

$ tools/libxfs-apply --source ../kern/xfsdev/ --commit 22419ac..22ce1e1
Commits to apply:
d4cc540 xfs: create individual inode alloc. helper
999633d xfs: update free inode record logic to support sparse inode records
bfe46d4 xfs: support min/max agbno args in block allocator
fb4f2b4 xfs: add sparse inode chunk alignment superblock field
066a188 xfs: use sparse chunk alignment for min. inode allocation requirement
e5376fc xfs: sparse inode chunks feature helpers and mount requirements
502a4e7 xfs: add fs geometry bit for sparse inode chunks
5419040 xfs: introduce inode record hole mask for sparse inode chunks
12d0714 xfs: use actual inode count for sparse records in bulkstat/inumbers
463958a xfs: pass inode count through ordered icreate log item
7f43c90 xfs: handle sparse inode chunks in icreate log recovery
4148c34 xfs: helper to convert holemask to inode alloc. bitmap
56d1115 xfs: allocate sparse inode chunks on full chunk allocation failure
1cdadee xfs: randomly do sparse inode allocations in DEBUG mode
26dd521 xfs: filter out sparse regions from individual inode allocation
10ae3dc7 xfs: only free allocated regions of inode chunks
09b5660 xfs: skip unallocated regions of inode chunks in xfs_ifree_cluster()
22ce1e1 xfs: enable sparse inode chunks for v5 superblocks
Proceed [y|N]? y
Applying patch..xfs__create_individual_inode_alloc_helper
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__create_individual_inode_alloc_helper refreshed
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__update_free_inode_record_logic_to_support_sparse_inode_records 
Applying patch..xfs__support_min-max_agbno_args_in_block_allocator
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__support_min-max_agbno_args_in_block_allocator refreshed
Applying patch..xfs__add_sparse_inode_chunk_alignment_superblock_field
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__add_sparse_inode_chunk_alignment_superblock_field refreshed
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__use_sparse_chunk_alignment_for_min_inode_allocation_requirement 
Applying patch..xfs__sparse_inode_chunks_feature_helpers_and_mount_requirements
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__sparse_inode_chunks_feature_helpers_and_mount_requirements refreshed
Applying patch..xfs__add_fs_geometry_bit_for_sparse_inode_chunks
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__add_fs_geometry_bit_for_sparse_inode_chunks refreshed
Applying patch..xfs__introduce_inode_record_hole_mask_for_sparse_inode_chunks
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__introduce_inode_record_hole_mask_for_sparse_inode_chunks refreshed
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__use_actual_inode_count_for_sparse_records_in_bulkstat-inumbers 
Applying patch..xfs__pass_inode_count_through_ordered_icreate_log_item
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__pass_inode_count_through_ordered_icreate_log_item refreshed
Applying patch..xfs__handle_sparse_inode_chunks_in_icreate_log_recovery
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__handle_sparse_inode_chunks_in_icreate_log_recovery refreshed
Applying patch..xfs__helper_to_convert_holemask_to_inode_alloc_bitmap
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__helper_to_convert_holemask_to_inode_alloc_bitmap refreshed
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__allocate_sparse_inode_chunks_on_full_chunk_allocation_failure 
Applying patch..xfs__randomly_do_sparse_inode_allocations_in_debug_mode
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__randomly_do_sparse_inode_allocations_in_debug_mode refreshed
Applying patch..xfs__filter_out_sparse_regions_from_individual_inode_allocation
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__filter_out_sparse_regions_from_individual_inode_allocation refreshed
Applying patch..xfs__only_free_allocated_regions_of_inode_chunks
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__only_free_allocated_regions_of_inode_chunks refreshed
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__skip_unallocated_regions_of_inode_chunks_in_xfs_ifree_cluster 
Applying patch..xfs__enable_sparse_inode_chunks_for_v5_superblocks
Patch applied.
Patch xfs__enable_sparse_inode_chunks_for_v5_superblocks refreshed

The series has applied cleanly with less than 30s work, now I can go
and do the bits I need to make it compile....


Dave Chinner

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