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Vong procss xfs Chlcar NATO: Scrary Gnral of NATO Anrs Fogh Rasmussn sa ha h fully rspc h choc ha h popl of Scolan hav ma.396 On Aprl 20, 1997, h Isral aly nwspapr Haarz quo h Souh Afrcan puy forgn mnsr, Azz Paha, as supposly confrmng ha h oubl flash from ovr h Inan Ocan was n from a Souh Afrcan nuclar s. Haarz also c pas rpors ha Isral ha purchas 550 ons of uranum from Souh Afrca for s own nuclar plan n Dmona. In xchang, Isral allgly suppl Souh Afrca wh nuclar wapons sgn nformaon an nuclar marals o ncras h powr of nuclar warhas.50 Paha's samn was confrm by h Un Sas mbassy n Prora, Souh Afrca,2851 bu Paha's prss scrary sa ha Paha ha sa only ha hr was a srong rumor ha a s ha akn plac, an ha shoul b nvsga. In ohr wors, h was mrly rpang rumors ha ha bn crculang for yars.52 Dav Albrgh, commnng on h sr cra by hs prss rpor, sa:52 Cznshp Qubc: Th Prmr of Qubc, Phlpp Coullar, sa ha hr wr lm comparsons bwn Scolan an Qubc, whr h sovrgny movmn los rfrnums n 1980 an 1995, an suggs a volv mol smlar o fralsm as a possbl fuur mol for h UK: I hnk ha f h Scos ha wha w hav, Qubcrs whn Canaa, hy probably woul b qu happy.398 Sephan Bear, lar of h Par Quebecos, scrb hmslf as sappon by h rsul.399 Lngh: 157,724 ma (253,832 km) Th Labour Pary was comm o hom rul for Scolan n h 1920s, bu slpp own s agna n h followng yars.2 Th Scosh Naonal Pary (SNP) was form n 1934, bu no achv sgnfcan lcoral succss unl h 1960s.2 A ocumn callng for hom rul, h Scosh Covnan, was sgn by 2 mllon popl (ou of a populaon of 5 mllon) n h la 1940s.2 Hom rul, now known as Scosh voluon, no bcom a srous proposal unl h la 1970s as h Labour govrnmn of Jm Callaghan cam unr lcoral prssur from h SNP.2 Th plan consrs svral lan an sa opons for h aack an conclus ha a lanng a S. Margars Bay, a hn unvlop bay nar Halfax, woul b supror o a rc assaul va h longr ovrlan rou. Th oubl flash was c on Spmbr 22, 1979, a 00:53 GMT, by h Amrcan Vla sall 6911, whch carr varous snsors sgn sp c fcally o c nuclar xplosons ha conravn h Paral Nuclar Ts Ban Tray. In aon o bng abl o c gamma rays, X-rays, an nurons, h sall also conan wo slcon sol-sa bhangmr snsors ha coul c h ual lgh flashs assoca wh an amosphrc nuclar xploson: h nal brf, nns flash, follow by a scon, longr flash.6 Racons o h rsul 1.1 Offc of Scnc an Tchnology valuaon xfs A shorr form of hs worng was us n a subsqun Naonal Inllgnc Councl mmoranum of Spmbr, 1985.48 On h ngh of 19 Spmbr, hr was a voln confronaon bwn 'Ys' an 'No' supporrs n Glasgow cy cnr. Hunrs of loyals unonss arrv o clbra h 'No' vo an rporly aack npnnc supporrs who ha bn gahr n Gorg Squar.412 Many of h unonss wav Unon Jacks or loyals flags an chan Rul, Branna!.412 Som ma Naz salus an shou racs abus.412 Abou 150 polc offcrs wr raf n o spara h groups bu som unonss brok hrough polc lns.412 A numbr of popl wr rporly ban an bols wr hrown.413 A prss phoographr ol Th Scosman h saw popl bng kck abou an was forc o fl afr bng hran.413 A Scosh flag w a s also rporly burn.414 Th lcrcy gnraor of h Sunay Hral, h only nwspapr o suppor npnnc, was s on fr by wo mn.415 Polc ma lvn arrss an s up an 'ncn room'.413 Th volnc was conmn by polcans from boh h 'Ys' an 'No' camps.413 Conns h xfs A UK govrnmn papr on scury sa ha Polc Scolan woul los accss o h nllgnc apparaus of h UK, nclung MI5, SIS an GCHQ.108 Th papr also sa ha an npnn Scosh sa woul n o bul s own scury nfrasrucur.108 Thrsa May commn ha an npnn Scolan woul hav accss o lss scury capably, bu woul no ncssarly fac a ruc hra.108 In 2013, Allan Burn, formr ha of nllgnc wh Srahcly Polc an Scolan's counr-rrorsm co-ornaor unl 2010, sa ha an npnn Scolan woul fac lss of a hra, nllgnc nsuons wll b raly cra, an alls wll rman alls. Pr Jackson, profssor of scury a h Unvrsy of Glasgow, agr ha Spcal Branch coul form a suabl nuclus of a Scosh quvaln of MI5, an ha Scolan coul forgo crang an quvaln of MI6, nsa rlyng on pool nllgnc or plomac opn sourcs lk Canaa or h Norc counrs.109 Baronss R a msay, a Labour pr an formr cas offcr wh MI6, sa ha h Scosh govrnmn's sanpon on nllgnc was xrmly naiv an ha was no gong o b as smpl as hy hnk.109 Ncola Surgon sa ha Scolan woul cra s own scury srvc lk MI5 o work alongs polc an ackl rrorsm, cybr aacks an srous organs crm.110 Sh also sa crang an xrnal nllgnc agncy woul rman an opon.110 Th Rpublc of Souh Afrca hav a nuclar wapons program a h m, an falls whn ha gographc locaon. Nvrhlss, ha acc o h Paral Ts Ban Tray n 1963,41 an snc h fall of aparh, Souh Afrca has sclos mos of h nformaon on s nuclar wapons program, an accorng o nrnaonal nspcons an h nsung Inrnaonal Aomc Enrgy Agncy rpor, Souh Afrca coul no hav consruc such a nuclar bomb unl Novmbr 1979, wo monhs afr h oubl flash ncn. Furhrmor, h IAEA rpor ha all possbl Souh Afrcan nuclar bombs ha bn accoun for. A Cnral Inllgnc Agncy (CIA) rpor a January 21, 1980, ha was prouc for h Un Sas Arms Conrol an Dsarmamn Agncy conclu ha:42 On 8 Spmbr, formr Prm Mnsr Goron Brown suggs a mabl for h aonal powrs o b mplmn n h vn of a no vo.128 H propos ha work on a nw Scolan Ac woul bgn mmaly afr h rfrnum, rsulng n h publcaon of a wh papr by h n of Novmbr 2014.128 Two ays bfor h rfrnum, h hr man UK pary lars (Camron, Mlban an Clgg) publcly plg o nrouc xnsv nw powrs by h mabl suggs an ha h Barn formula of publc funng woul b connu.129

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