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Attn Sir/Madam

We represent local miner of gold and diamonds in, DRC (CONGO) formal

Zaire Kinshasa but now currently in Republic of Kenya. We are Able,

Willing, and ready to supply the availability of about 350. KG of AU

Gold Dust to be sold at a cheaper rate per kilo.

The price per kilo which is been given at the cheaper rate is because

of the Political instability in my country CONGO (DRC) band because of

the quantity available it will be at your convenience if you could

possibly arrive here by any means of transportation for evacuation of

the goods here in Republic of Kenya.

Please send to me your interest so that we will manifest with


Looking forward to do business with you, I can assist you on the duties

of clearance to your destination. Contact me below.

Best regards

Mr.Nicolaescu Alexandru
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