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Re: trying to avoid a lengthy quotacheck by deleting all quota data

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Subject: Re: trying to avoid a lengthy quotacheck by deleting all quota data
From: Harry <harry@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 05 Mar 2015 18:07:03 +0000
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Here's the syslog, if you're curious.


Search for "Failed to initialize"

So your best guess is that it's the drbd layer that's causing the quotacheck? Out of curiosity, i may try mounting a non-drbd drive with xfs, and seeing if we can still repro the hard-reboot-causes-quotacheck thing... Unless you think it's just an old behaviour that's more to do with the version of the kernel we're using?


On 05/03/15 17:44, Eric Sandeen wrote:
On 3/5/15 11:34 AM, Harry wrote:
We're on 3.13.0-39 (Ubuntu Trusty).

If you're interested in looking into it further, I'd be happy to provide any 
extra info you'd like?
Well, not really.  It all works here, and you have an ... interesting
setup, so if you've decided that somehow ext4 will save you from
quotachecks in the future, I'm not going to dig a lot further here.

I did already ask for logs, which might tell us why the original quota init
failed, but ...

But just to make sure I'm not wasting any of your time -- I think the
team have pretty much decided to make the switch no matter what. The
quotacheck issue is one thing, but actually the switch to ext4
simplifies lots of other aspects of our quota system (one of the
reasons we picked nfs was to be able to use project quotas, but it
turns out we don't need them any more, so user quotas are simpler...)
... it sounds like you've already picked your solution to this AFAICT
not-well-understood problem.

*shrug* knock yourself out.  :)  You should use what works best meets your
needs, of course.


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