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XFS/LVM/Multipath on a single RAID volume

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Subject: XFS/LVM/Multipath on a single RAID volume
From: Dave Hall <kdhall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 18:35:19 -0500
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Dave, Stan,

Not sure if you remember, but we corresponded for a while a couple years ago about some performance problems I was having with XFS on a 26TB SAS-attached RAID box. If either of you is still working on XFS, I've got some new questions. Actually, what I've got is a new array to set up. Same size, but faster disks and a faster controller. It will replace the existing array as the primary backup volume.

So since I have a fresh array that's not in production yet I was hoping to get some pointers on how to configure it to maximize XFS performance. In particular, I've seen a suggestion that a multipathed array should be sliced up into logical drives and pasted back together with LVM. Wondering also about putting the journal in a separate logical drive on the same array.

I am able to set up a 2-way multipath right now, and I might be able to justify adding a second controller to the array to get a 4-way multipath going.

Even if the LVM approach is the wrong one, I clearly have a rare chance to set this array up the right way. Please let me know if you have any suggestions.



Dave Hall
Binghamton University
607-760-2328 (Cell)
607-777-4641 (Office)

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