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Posted this yesterday but got lost in /new. Hopefully today I might get a better response.

Since the last guy disappeared off the face of the planet with all of the data, I've decided to send out a new survey to see if we can get more results. And since I don't plan on disappearing from Reddit, you'll actually get to see the data in infographic form!

So please take the survey, and upvote this post so we can get more responses.

Edit1: At a 100 responses! Keep it up guys. Thanks for the great feedback so far

Edit2: Hi guys, been reading your feedback all day but was waiting to get off work to make responses and read more comments. I agree that this survey isn't the best work in the world and the more I look at it, the more I like it less. Fortunately most comments on here seem to be thoughtful criticism that I can try to work off of if I decided to do this again or do separate more targeted surveys. I'm not giving an excuse, I should have done well the first time.


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