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Re: [PATCH-v5 1/5] vfs: add support for a lazytime mount option

To: Andreas Dilger <adilger@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH-v5 1/5] vfs: add support for a lazytime mount option
From: Theodore Ts'o <tytso@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2014 16:01:19 -0500
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On Tue, Dec 02, 2014 at 01:37:27PM -0700, Andreas Dilger wrote:
> One thing that comes to mind is touch/utimes()/utimensat().  Those
> should definitely not result in timestamps being kept only in memory
> for 24h, since the whole point of those calls is to update the times.
> It makes sense for these APIs to dirty the inode for proper writeout.

Not a problem.  Touch/utimes* go through notify_change() and
->setattr, so they won't go through the I_DIRTY_TIME code path.

                                        - Ted

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