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Virtual Block device resize corrupts XFS

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Subject: Virtual Block device resize corrupts XFS
From: Markus Rhonheimer <markus.rhonheimer@xxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 20:34:56 +0100
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I am running Centos 7 and have created a virtual block device with ZFS (ZVOL). I put XFS onto the block device without partitioning it.

This worked very well as storage disk for a VM.

A few days ago I wanted to increase the size of the block device, but accidently decreased it by 1 TB (from 7 to 6). I found out about it and immediately increased the size of the drive to 8 TB afterward.

The XFS partition can still be mounted and I can list the files on it, but xfs_repair -n says: "Sorry, could not find valid secondary superblock"

Is there the possibility to rescue some files?

kind regards

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