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Kernel crashes with trace ending in XFS code on RHEL6 variant kernel

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Subject: Kernel crashes with trace ending in XFS code on RHEL6 variant kernel
From: Jan Kokoska <jan@xxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 28 Oct 2014 16:38:19 +0100
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I'm running OpenVZ (OS container) kernel variant of RHEL6 kernel on
several amd64 machines by different manufacturers (HP and Supermicro)
and different RAID cards (HP and Areca).

I've started seeing kernel crashes in October, as per the netconsole
logs attached, on two of the machines (one HP, one Supermicro). The
traces look quite similar, the machine in question cannot write
anything to its own filesystem when this happens so the logs are made
over the network. The XFS filesystem is not root (that's ext4), but
one for data (OS containers), on both machines. When I run xfs_check
and xfs_repair on the filesystem after the kernel crash & reboot, no
issue is ever found.

This may very well have nothing to do with XFS kernel code you wrote
and maintain, but in that case, could you, from looking at the traces,
tell me whether it maybe looks like something issue related to
vm/paging just ending up in XFS related code path?

I'm happy to test any suggestions/fixes for this if it is XFS related.

Thank you,
Jan Kokoska
Glow Internet s.r.o.

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