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Re: Problem about very high Average Read/Write Request Time

To: Linux fs XFS <xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Problem about very high Average Read/Write Request Time
From: pg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Peter Grandi)
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2014 13:36:29 +0100
Cc: Russell Cattelan <cattelan@xxxxxxx>
Delivered-to: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
In-reply-to: <20141024214525.GA4317@dastard>
References: <CALSoAzD4ccHXBuD6mT3ggqMf1j_kDEK-RNMOeRLq+N+NiWVQXg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <20141018143848.3baf3266@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <21571.36364.518119.806191@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <5444C122.4080104@xxxxxxxxxxx> <21574.42382.795064.152229@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <54492AD5.3040704@xxxxxxxxxxx> <21577.24715.712978.617220@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <20141024214525.GA4317@dastard>
Stan Hoeppner:

  «Doing this via subterfuge simply reduces people's level of
  respect for you»

  «In your 10,000th attempt to generate self gratification by
  demonstrating your superior knowledge (actually lack thereof)
  on this list, all you could have possibly achieved here is
  confusing the OP even further. I find it sad that you've
  decided to prey on the young, the inexperienced, after
  realizing the educated began ignoring you long ago.»

Cristoph Hellwig:

  «he's made himself a name as not only beeing technically
  incompetent but also extremly abrasive.»

  «But please stop giving advise taken out of the thin air to
  people on the lists that might actually believe whatever
  madness you just dreamed up.»

Dave Chinner:

  «Just ignore the troll, Stan.»

  «But instead of taking the evidence-based verification path,
  you've resorted to personal attacks to defend your tenuous

  «you've made a habit of this behaviour. Every discussion
  thread you enter ends up with you abusing someone because they
  dared to either question your assertions or didn't understand
  what you said precisely.»

  «you've finally reached my Intolerable Dickhead On The
  Internet Threshold. Given that this is on the XFS mailing
  list, and I'm the XFS Maintainer it falls to me to draw a line
  in the sand: such behaviour is not acceptible in this forum.»

According to Russel Cattelan (the owner of XFS the mailing list
at least in 2012) and "other prominent members of the XFS team"
the statements I quoted above are «acceptible in this forum»:


  «[ ... ] turning the XFS mailing list in a disreputable
  vehicle for offtopic and offensive flaming. This to me this
  looks like mobbing, beause coordinated personal attacks have
  been done by a small group of people [ ... ]»
  Russell Cattelan: «You must be joking! I'm not about to ban
  one of the most knowledgeable and productive xfs developers
  from the email list.»

  «Well, if one of these guys post offtopic and malicious rants,
  I guess that his being an XFS developer should not matter.
  With being an XFS developer comes also some responsibility to
  maintain a technical and professional tone in the XFS mailing
  list, and not to abuse his position. Same for the others.»
  Russel Cattelan: «I see nothing particularly offensive about
  these posts.»

  «They personal attacks about competence and character. They
  are pure flames, and because they are coordinated they seem to
  be mobbing. To me, you seem to be expliciting endorsing the
  use of the XFS mailing list to publish "ad hominem" attacks
  and mobbing.»

  Russel Cattelan: «I can understand you may upset about what
  Christoph said he has every right to state his opinions on
  things no matter how much you disagree.»

  «But his opinions are on offtopic "things": the topic of the
  XFS mailing list is XFS, not people's competence or character,
  or rants/attacks on people. Some of the links I have sent you
  contain no technical content, purely personal attacks. How can
  this be legitimate XFS content?»

  Russell Cattelan: «Well I'm afraid I'm going to respectfully
  disagree.  I don't have the full story of everything that
  happened but none of the post you pointed out are totally off

  There seems to be some question about what you have said
  previously about XFS, which to me would seem on topic.

  I have forwarded your email to Christoph and the other
  prominent members of the XFS team and if they feel further
  action is warranted we can revisit the issue.

  Based on what you have sent I do not feel there is grounds for

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