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Space: Uncharted News

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Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2014 21:48:32 +0000
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Space: Uncharted

Space: Uncharted is back and FREE to play!

We're reaching out to say Hi! to all our previously registered players.

It's been a long month for us; at the end of August our server hosting the game crashed and we've been busy setting up a new one. Now, we are happy to announce that two new games, and a practice game, are running right now!

Everyone that registered before October 2014 will need to re-register. This is a symptom of the server crash we had in August. If you'd like to be notified of new games, please re-register in the app or on the web! If you take no action, we'll assume you do not want us to contact you again.

Also, in case you missed the annoucement last year, Space: Uncharted is now free to play, no subscription needed!

Resources Available For New and Returning Players

Need help learning the game? Watch the tutorial video, visit the guide, or join the conversation on the forum!

Space: Uncharted is available for Android, Apple iOS, and on the web.

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You have received this email because you previously registered for Space: Uncharted. We will only use your email to contact you about Space: Uncharted.  For more information about Space: Uncharted, visit http://spaceuncharted.com.  If you registered before October 2014, you will not hear from us again unless you re-create your account.  To have your account deleted and be removed from our email list, please delete your account through an app or the web client by using the account button after logging in. 

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