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Repair XFS from 1/3 of the table

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Subject: Repair XFS from 1/3 of the table
From: Alessio Di Maria <alessio.dimaria@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 2014 22:58:49 +0200
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Hi, for fist i'm sorry for my bad English..
I'm trying to do a recovery from my NAS,Â
After it stopped, 3 disk of 4 was reinitialized so, raid partition was deleted on disk 1 2 and 3, and first about 5m was zero filled..Â
I'm actually work on a copy of that...
in my luck, the XFS superblock was on 4th disk..Â
I was able to rebuild RAID5 with the original configuration and now i can read RAW files up to few kb... i was able to read a 15Mb zip file, and some big jpeg, so i can say that RAID it's working fine

At sector 384 of the raid volume start the xfs superblock, i made a loopback at this offset,
mounting it.. but obviusly it said that was not clean.Â
making xfs_repair i get anything, but with xfs_repair -L i had infinite list of lost inode, and than i was able to mount the partition,Â
but with any file, only the lost + found directory with few but complete files...

On the NAS there were Big Files of ISCSI, in the lost + found i find one of this, big 100Gb.. now i don't know how i can recovery the rest..

Is it possible to find lost inode?

i tryied with many programs to get back the original Filesystem but anything up the Lost + Found directory after the repair...
I know that XFS is based on sparse file, and so i can't find my file and hope to copy it contigusly (about 5Gb) cose the fs reidirect zero filled zone... in addiction i can't do a RAW recovery cose in the deep of 2.7Tb i find MFT entryies and system files inner ISCSI units...Â
So what chache?Â
Wha can i do myself?

I know that a DIY approach it this case is hard
Many Thaks in advance of any reponse!
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