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Re: Run out of inodes?

To: Samuel Granjeaud <samuel.granjeaud@xxxxxxxxx>, xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: Run out of inodes?
From: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 10:02:27 -0500
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On 8/29/14, 8:29 AM, Samuel Granjeaud wrote:
> Taking into account the two answers, here is some more information.
> The system is a openfiler installation, v2.3, up-to-date.
> https://www.openfiler.com/community/download
> The problematic system is a backup but the production system uses the same 
> openfiler NAS system. The difference is that there are currently more files 
> on the backup system than the production system; so I guess the problem will 
> appear sooner on the prod sys.
> # xfs_info /dev/vg1_backup/backup
> meta-data=/mnt/vg1_backup/backup isize=256    agcount=80, agsize=58981376 blks
>          =                       sectsz=512
> data     =                       bsize=4096   blocks=4718510080, imaxpct=25
>          =                       sunit=0      swidth=0 blks, unwritten=1
> naming   =version 2              bsize=4096
> log      =internal               bsize=4096   blocks=32768, version=1
>          =                       sectsz=512   sunit=0 blks
> realtime =none                   extsz=65536  blocks=0, rtextents=0
> # uname -a
> Linux #1 SMP Sun Jan 11 02:42:55 GMT 2009 
> x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
> # xfs_info -V /dev/vg1_backup/backup
> xfs_info version 2.6.25
> # cat /etc/fstab
> ...
> /dev/vg1/pcurrent /mnt/vg1/pcurrent xfs defaults,usrquota,grpquota 0 0
> # cat /etc/mtab
> ...
> /dev/mapper/vg1-pcurrent /mnt/vg1/pcurrent xfs rw,usrquota,grpquota 0 0

<thanks for all the extra info>

> I have no idea concerning the inode64 option. Just tell me how to find it 
> out. I don't think this option was changed: as previously told, removing a 
> few files allows files to be created without error.

You'll want to be using the inode64 mount option for this filesystem; I'm 
surprised the openfiler folks didn't do this by default.


add it to fstab for this filesystem, reboot the box (or unmount/mount the 
filesystem) and all should be well.


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