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Help setting up XFS

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Subject: Help setting up XFS
From: Prithvi Rathore <prithvi_rathore@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 07:36:06 +0530
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Importance: Normal
    I am a student currently pursuing my under-graduation and would love to use XFS. I believe it has a lot to offer and I Iook forwarding to testing and using it on an external device like a pen-drive (USB) for starters.
    I was a bit confused on how to set up XFS. I am currently using Ubuntu 14.04 dual boot (via rEFInd) with Mac OS X on MacBook Air 2013. 
    The various documentation available at xfs.org, surely is very informative and provides an elaborate description on XFS features. Setting XFS up however is where i am a bit stuck. From the various online material available, I found the following ways:

1) From terminal
     # sudo apt-get install xfsprogs 
     # sudo apt-get install xfsdump
    I believe it sets up the version 3.1.9.

2) Another method was, that i tried was downloading the tar file from the sgi link. It downloaded xfs-progs-   

3) From various discussions done online i found people changing a few settings in the $ make menuconfig GUI 
    screen, hence adding support for XFS.

   I am also a bit confused on how to use the device name (USB pen drive) when i will run the mkfs.xfs as I heard it doesn't work for a mounted device.
  I know you may be busy and my mail might seem a bit amateur, but I would really appreciate if you could guide me on how to setup XFS and run it for a USB device. Any link explaining the same would also be really appreciated. Thank you.

Warm Regards
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