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[ANNOUNCE] xfsdump v3.1.4 released

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] xfsdump v3.1.4 released
From: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 09:10:18 +1000
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xfsdump v3.1.4 has just been released. This is a bug fix release
that contains fixes accumulated over the past year since the last

The source code can be accessed via git using this URL:


A signed gzipped-tar archive of the source code is available here:


The archive is signed with my gpg key (the same one that this
release announcement is signed with).

Problems, issues, questions and general discussion about the release
should be directed to the XFS mailing list (xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx).

A summary of the changes during development of this release (taken
from doc/CHANGES) is as follows:

        - fix partial region segfault and debug code (Eric Sandeen)
        - dump wholly sparse files correctly (Eric Sandeen)
        - restore capabilities correctly
        - memory leak fixes (Boris Ranto)
        - sys_getdents modernisation (Kyle McMartin)
        - Error message fixes (Iustin Pop)
        - Updated polish translation (Jakub Bogusz)
        - debian package build updates (Nathan Scott)

Dave Chinner

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