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Re: Error (failing assert) in xfs_repair

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Subject: Re: Error (failing assert) in xfs_repair
From: "Hans Kraus" <hans.w.kraus@xxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 8 Jul 2014 23:50:31 +0200
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Hi Dave,

sorry for the HTML mail. My normal mail account isn't allowed to send mail to 
the list,
my provider got somehow onto a spam list. I had to revert to GMX and only 
recently learnt
how to send plain text mails via GMX. I hope that that works now.

The system is now down, therefore some of the details you requested are only 
from my memory.
The version of xfstools is the one I got with the command "git clone 
sunday or monday this week.

The story is as follows: my backup file system is on a Raid6 (mdadm), on top of 
that lvm2 and xfs.
One of the HDs reported smart errors, I replaced it with a new one. During the 
Raid6 resyncronisation
I got a kernel panic. After reset the raid didn't come up. I finally started it 
with the '--force'
parameter. After that the filesystem didn't mount. I issued the 'xfs_repair -L 
...' from the
current distribution, Debian 7 amd64. During the repair process the command 
stalled for more than
24 hours. After that I got nervous and restarted the machine.

Then I downloaded the git xfstools version and compiled it. Now I get 
repeatedly the error from
my first mail.

Two more drives failed, I'm now back to a system without any retundancy. I will 
only power it up
again when I have two new replacement drives (already ordered).

Kind regards, Hans

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