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xfs_growfs_data_private memory leak

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Subject: xfs_growfs_data_private memory leak
From: "Alex Lyakas" <alex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2014 18:06:38 +0300
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It appears that if xfs_growfs_data_private fails during the "new AG headers" loop, it does not free all the per-AG structures for the new AGs. When XFS is unmounted later, they are not freed as well, because xfs_growfs_data_private did not update the "sb_agcount" field, so xfs_free_perag will not free them. This happens on 3.8.13, but looking at the latest master branch, it seems to have the same issue.

Code like [1] in xfs_growfs_data, seems to fix the issue.

A follow-up question: if xfs_grows_data_private fails during the loop that updates all the secondary superblocks, what is the consequence? (I am aware that in the latest master branch, the loop is not broken on first error, but attempts to initialize whatever possible). When these secondary superblocks will get updated? Is there a way to force-update them? Otherwise, what can be the consequence of leaving them not updated?


    * If we had an error, we might have allocated
    * PAGs, which are >=sb_agcount. We need to free
    * those, because they will not get freed in
    * xfs_free_perag().
   if (error) {
       unsigned int n_pags = 0;
       xfs_perag_t* pags[16] = {0};
       xfs_agnumber_t start_agno = mp->m_sb.sb_agcount;

       do {
           unsigned int pag_idx = 0;

n_pags = radix_tree_gang_lookup(&mp->m_perag_tree, (void**)pags, start_agno, ARRAY_SIZE(pags));
           for (pag_idx = 0; pag_idx < n_pags; ++pag_idx) {
               xfs_perag_t *deleted = NULL;

               /* for next lookup */
               start_agno = pags[pag_idx]->pag_agno + 1;

               /* nobody should really be touching these AGs...*/
               if (WARN_ON(atomic_read(&pags[pag_idx]->pag_ref) > 0)) {
                   pags[pag_idx] = NULL;

deleted = radix_tree_delete(&mp->m_perag_tree, pags[pag_idx]->pag_agno);
               ASSERT(deleted == pags[pag_idx]);

           /* now delete all those still marked for deletion */
           for (pag_idx = 0; pag_idx < n_pags; ++pag_idx) {
               if (pags[pag_idx])
call_rcu(&pags[pag_idx]->rcu_head, xfs_free_perag_rcu_cb);
       } while (n_pags > 0);

xfs_free_perag_rcu_cb is similar to __xfs_free_perag, but can be called from other files.

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