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Re: XFS Repair hangs at inode repair in phase3

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Subject: Re: XFS Repair hangs at inode repair in phase3
From: Dragon <Sunghost@xxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 09:42:52 +0200
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thanks for advises for the list - i changed to txt-format. Situation before xfs 
failure was that i had have a raid6 with 5 Disks. I copied alle files from one 
server to this, because the space on the other was full and have to rebuild.. 
After that i needed one more disk, which i didnt had, so i take 1 out of the 
raid6. Restart, check and all looks good. I dont know, because since that its 
aprox 4 weeks ago, when and whey the xfs failure occures, but as i wanted to 
copy all files back to the new server, i get this message from xfs to repair 
the file structure. I searched a lot, was in xfs irc, where no one could/whould 
help so i finally wrote to this list. While a lot time past and i need those 
server i yesterday reboot from live-cd and backup the most of it. i think i 
lost aprox 500gb which is not as important as wait another 4 weeks with perhaps 
no solution. So i yesterday deleted the raid and since this night i run 
badblocks on the disks to check them.

So presently no more help is needed, but i will thanks both of you for your 
help and fast replies. i think i gave xfs another chance and after all build up 
the server again with it.
best regards and sunny weekend

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