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Question about xfstests xfs/122 and xfs/253

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Subject: Question about xfstests xfs/122 and xfs/253
From: scameron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2014 08:41:05 -0500
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I am running xfstests mostly just to exercise a low level driver, and I'm
seeing failures on tests xfs/122 and xfs/253.

I'm using xfstests, xfsprogs, xfsdump cloned fresh from the git repos listed
here: http://xfs.org/index.php/Getting_the_latest_source_code
git hashes:
xfstests: 45d1fac1303acfa102384f48111dc3a458b93493
xfsprogs: 03e956b25243bf4aac034275f89a0f3f2712b79a
xfsdump: b1d6979f1fae82acc79d27cf0add4d55da6d83cc

I'm using kernel 3.16-rc1 on RHEL 6.5 on x86_64.

I would expect that specific versions of xfstests, xfsprogs, xfsdump
are meant to go with specific kernel versions, though it is not clear
to me how to match these up in the general case.  I guessed that
"latest of everything" would have a reasonable chance of being a
matched set.

I'm running it by: "./check -g auto"

with configs/localhost.config:

[root@localhost xfstests]# cat configs/localhost.config

I'm not very familiar with these tests, but it looks like xfs/122 is checking
that some structure sizes specific to xfs are correct, and I'm struggling to
see how a low level driver would break that test without breaking a lot of
other stuff, so I'm thinking I can ignore that one (maybe the test is broken?)
But I figured I should ask here in case I'm not correctly understanding what 
trying to test.

xfs/253, seems to be testing some kind of filename hashing stuff.

Do these failures seem plausibly attributable to a flaw in a low level driver,
or are these failures known issues with xfs or with the tests, or is there
something else I might be doing wrong?

(It occurs to me now I should try the tests with a different driver and
hardware and see how it behaves.)

[root@localhost xfs]# diff -u ../../tests/xfs/122.out 122.out.bad | diffstat
 122.out.bad |   38 +++++++++++++++++++-------------------
 1 file changed, 19 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)
[root@localhost xfs]# diff -u ../../tests/xfs/253.out 253.out.bad | diffstat
 253.out.bad |    2 ++
 1 file changed, 2 insertions(+)
[root@localhost xfs]# diff -u ../../tests/xfs/253.out 253.out.bad 
--- ../../tests/xfs/253.out     2014-06-16 10:51:35.881521766 -0500
+++ 253.out.bad 2014-06-16 18:01:13.862884730 -0500
@@ -1,2 +1,4 @@
 QA output created by 253
 Disciplyne of silence is goed.
+mount: Structure needs cleaning
+umount: /dev/sdb: not mounted
[root@localhost xfs]#

Also, I noticed a few tests were not run, I presume that is not out of the 

xfs/189  [not run] noattr2 mount option not supported on /dev/sdb
xfs/190 1s ... 1s
xfs/191  [not run] no mkfs support for NFS v4 ACLs
xfs/194 1s ... 1s
xfs/195  [not run] fsgqa user not defined.
xfs/196 5s ... 5s
xfs/197  [not run] This test is only valid on 32 bit machines

And a few others skipped as well.


-- steve

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