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Dear Friends,


PF is a professional Injection Mold, Plastic molding,Die-casting manufacturer with more than decade experience
located in China. we also offer CNCs machining,Rapid Prototyping, silk-screen and assembly services.

Our advantages:

1- We will quote your RFQ within  12 hours.

2- We have rich expreience for DME,HASCO standard.

3- Our 80% molds are exported.

4- We provide one-stop service: design, manufacturing, silk-scren, package and delivery.

5- Good communication with rich experience sales and engineer in English.

6- Quality, cost and delivery in time are all important.

For more information please view www.pf-mold.com . Looking forward to your RFQ.

Thanks & Best regards


PF Industry Co., Limited.

Tel:+86-755-28326656 Fax:+86-755-28326655

Email:manager@xxxxxxxxxx  pfmold@xxxxxxxxxxx
Skype:pfmold (24 hours online)

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