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xfs help question

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Subject: xfs help question
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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 09:12:20 +0200
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hello again me ;-),
i thought best place to ask this is here.
i read the faq alot last days but have still questions:

i got a server now with 4 Disks,
i plan to do an raid5 with linux soft raid.
On the server is planed to store 'larger' from 1GB up to 60GB.

what would be best settings when formatting with xfs?
is it better to use '-b size=4096' or the '512'?
should i manipulate the '-i size=' to 2048? or use the default?

i also dont get it with the write-disk cache at all,
its an linux softraid, is the best then to use 'nobarrier' and let the
'disk write cache on'?

or is best solution on linux softraid 'disk write cache' on with xfs barrier on?

also, should i tweak with sunit,swidth? and how do i calculate best setting?

thanks for any tipps n hints


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