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Hello, I have a question about XFS File System

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Subject: Hello, I have a question about XFS File System
From: Yongmin <dev.yongmin@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2014 18:15:27 +0900
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My name is Yongmin Park and I am a graduated student in Ajou University (Korea).
My research area is Digital Forensics.
And this time i tried to understand the structure of XFS file system, because XFS is one of the famous huge file system in these days.

I already founded and read 'XFS Filesystem Structure 2nd Edition Revision 1' on the Internet, which was written by Silicon Graphics Inc in 2006 and it is really well written to understand.

But the concentrated part of mine is "Deleted File Recovery", so the Journaling part is really important for me,, but regretfully there are no specific guide line about Journaling part...
Also next version(maybe the 3re Edition) is not exsist for more than a 5 years.

So is there no guide line for journaling part in XFS?
How can i get them,, have I to buy them? or Is Analysing Source Cord only way to study?

Thank you for your concentration.

        from Yongmin Park 

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