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[PATCH 0/2] xfs: fixes for for-next

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [PATCH 0/2] xfs: fixes for for-next
From: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 16:39:52 +1100
Delivered-to: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi folks,

A couple of quick fixes - the new verifier code leaks EFSBADCRC to
userspace, so any code that is checking for EFSCORRUPTED is not
going to be working correctly. The first patch fixes this

The second patch fixes a long standing issues with vmapped RAM
potentially causing deadlocks due to GFP_KERNEL allocations being
done for page tables inside GFP_NOFS contexts. This will fix many of
the lockdep reports about it, but won't get rid of them all. It
will, however, guarantee that we won't deadlock due to the problem
which is a big step up.



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