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Look for Partner for USB Products

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Subject: Look for Partner for USB Products
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Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 22:00:00 +0800 (CST)
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Dear Esteemed Customer,

Hope you are doing well.
We are one of the most professional USB Flash Drive manufacturers in Shenzhen.
We mainly provide OEM and ODM service, with customer's logo branding or create new mold.
The USB Flash Drives we can produce are as follows:
(1) Common Plastic USB Drive.
(2) Pen Shape USB Drive.
(3) Key Shape USB Drive.
(4) Leather USB Drive.
(5) Recycled Paper USB Drive.
(6) Credit Card USB Drive.
(7) Silicone USB Drive.
(8) Soft PVC USB Drive.
(9) Metal USB Drive.
(10) Smart Phone USB Drive.
(11) Wood/Bamboo USB Drive.
(12) Logo Epoxy USB Drive.
(13) Mini USB Drive.
(14) Diament USB Drive.
(15) Crystal USB Drive.
(16) Special Shape USB Drive etc.
For more about us, please visit our website.
You can also send email to my company email box wendy@xxxxxxxxxx directly.
Please send me your detailed requirements if you projects related to our products.
I will send you our general price list if you have interest in cooperation.

Best Regards, 
Wendy Huang
Feetek Electronics Co.,Ltd
Email: wendy@xxxxxxxxxx  
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Skype: wendyhuang2011  
Tel:  (+86)755 83270640  
Fax: (+86)755 83270635
Mobile: (+86)13725587763
Address: 6th Floor, Unit 1, Sanwei Industry Park,Xixiang Town,Bao'an Dist, Shenzhen,China 518126.
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