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Re: xfsprogs 3.1.12 and 3.2.0 releases?

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Subject: Re: xfsprogs 3.1.12 and 3.2.0 releases?
From: Arkadiusz MiÅkiewicz <arekm@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2014 09:17:38 +0100
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On Tuesday 21 of January 2014, Ben Myers wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 03:08:14PM -0800, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> > On Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 10:02:59AM +1100, Dave Chinner wrote:
> > > Well, that's always been the plan since a 3.1.12 release was
> > > proposed 3 months ago. How well has that plan been working out so
> > > far?
> > 
> > The sad part is that I would have had the time 3 month ago, but right
> > now it's hard.  Still trying to get it done, though.
> If Arkadiusz is willing to provide a list of commits to include it
> shouldn't be a problem to get this done.  I believe he indicated a
> willingness to help on IRC earlier today.

By looking into git log these look like small fixes for 3.1.x. Could someone 
else recheck?

108e985bc596a1f1a33d31a348fdb430213fb8c0 xfs_fsr: file reads should be O_DIRECT
46f34a259939d8e815da1a5a5374d39153ed57e3 xfs_metadump: manpage fix regarding 
frozen fs
1b6bf714a7179942b8523cc966124249b74381da mkfs.xfs: fix protofile name create 
block reservation
504dbe46549d462e79565514d86ce69b74b96893 xfsprogs: avoid double-free in 
a134873e2903837bdbeab261b6d0ceee2fd499ba xfsprogs: fix buffer leak in 
4623d1041dd34d73aeab4b51002fc9ca6d543415 xfsprogs: free bp in 
xlog_find_zeroed() error path
dc93954aa6f13963bcc87fc00ce55a4745dc7b93 xfsprogs:free bp in xlog_find_tail() 
error path
aba29588f81dad52129037c15fe584ec89b36a4f xfsprogs: fix agcnts leak in 
xfs_repair's scan_ags
312592defb8b6051389a56a5c780819b4239dab4 xfsprogs: fix unint var in repair 
3ac87fbf6ac29494dc46134323733551aac1737c xfsprogs: fix inode crash in xfs_repair
e7c05095f5baa9cd2e35a6de03d7dd9f51dd3910 xfsprogs: fix Out-of-bounds access in 
cbd7508db4c9597889ad98d5f027542002e0e57c xfs_repair: zero out unused parts of 
superblocks [we had real issue that this fixes]
e6efb967e61a366dbe877f34e220e32866e7db42 xfsprogs: fix Out-of-bounds access in 
e49f30a76f5e910092bd285ebef3f7641a09ec2e xfsprogs: avoid array overflow in 
70ee4153f4c998774adcee1e576d3c1f305b92d0 xfsprogs: fix potential memory leak in 
548c2e3e5b123266b4b89cc81bedd113442570b8 [v3, 1/2] xfsprogs: fix potential 
memory leak in verify_set_primary_sb()
ae181820d03e19f145dbd058c0f8fa59fa18468c xfsprogs: fix return value of 
050a7f1f79314470c18e9d11c28daf75dd959830 xfsprogs: handle symlinks etc in 
773d6f6e3800dce5d27af687ebd3ff323dcdfd72  xfsprogs: config.guess/config.sub out 
of date for arm64
7f2d6b811755b6b91f18aa5bd9d5980848a81267 xfs_repair: avoid segfault if 
reporting progress early in repair
44dae5e6804408b4123a916a2738b73e21d8c61e xfs_repair: test for bad level in dir2 
14e36e34ed975b1ffbbcbc18a7743a3a4859be3d xfsprogs: fix resource leak in 
12a48f5d8a06a8ca21b6221e94318e4922f0316c  xfsprogs: remove xfs_check references 
from fsck.xfs script & manpage
6aa3d87bc45348dc0948ae0cea57bf3033d64694 xfs: don't emit corruption noise on fs 
9aa5711629b47642bb5b688a6a1410d223456fc8 libxfs: fix root inode handling 
3a19fb7dce9d570e78deaf5c26c0ab8a4a5bef67 libxfs: stop caching inode structures
61510437c627b529feb95ebffddd73df5ed5b104 repair: prefetching is turned off 
0cce4aa198f0470817bedb3781ea5b6955e43076 repair: Increase default repair 
parallelism on large filesystems
1adfe5c6296d3ea6c182f31a6728fc94af9146f7 xfs_fsr: fix SWAPEXT failures under 
79e106f05f0fbffb89ab5401fb97af5391c6291f xfs_repair: correct docs for "-t" units
03091fc253963891c728cf362c0f9700294b6dfd xfsprogs: suggest "-d" option for 
repair of RO mount
3ae81520e91945454f35fa75833a45b5b000fe33 xfs_repair: suggest reboot after 
dangerous repair
4e83ac7b7416edb52815c6e5f4ca64dadfa5f974 xfs_metadump: Make -F (force) optional

Not sure about these:

1ba28b64e69ce3a7989df88f71a5cb608b1c71e3 xfs_repair: drop buffer reference on 
symlink error
4e503735fd407e2e61295e6af6ec47af4693bc95 xfs_repair: fix btree block magic 
number mapping
4fbebf374ccc178f1fedcf2d8a43339031f8dbb4 libxfs: fix dir3 freespace block 
494434d7fb79840ba113ecd7fb1ac3ae20e0f569 xfs: Add read-only support for dirent 
filetype field
906b762f55333968321062642a0b90feac1fdffb xfs: Add write support for dirent 
filetype field
3beed08eb22f56b384d2028541ccb41284ff9751 xfsprogs: add dtype support to mkfs 
and db
1acc538540ce22e16bb55ca573691070a8d375db xfsprogs: initialize filetype for 
41315687d9db9b50876401e7b0ee20dd77cfc712 xfs: dirent dtype presence is 
dependent on directory magic numbers
68774b900e0c8368342cb12f649572a86ef2f6e4 xfsprogs: initialize filetype for 
lost+found creation
2cca1dbd1c3e12d270a9baa5f85e548e8a5a2125 xfs_repair: add d_type when moving 
files to lost+found
87e343bd0937e5bb75dd8bc46ba388b6f8c6552b xfsprog: add xfs sb v4 support for 
dirent filetype field
6f700630b06a2ce15aebe8608b2c5877002299d6 xfsprog: add dirent filetype 
information for xfs_info
42737f1ad16213a3dab1756c9fffb494db8ef27e xfs_progs: add dirent filetype to 
xfs_db version
4eb02d95b7e081b510a7015609f01385aab229a9 xfsprog: add mkfs.xfs sb v4 support 
for dirent filetype field
12864fd992dd5d6bc3c089aeb6422c8d235a28f0 xfs: remove newlines from strings 
passed to __xfs_printk
3e23516ae60421652fd41354307a6a5181d401eb xfs: fix the wrong new_size/rnew_size 
at xfs_iext_realloc_direct()
c9522f4d8790ecd61c4e74746b607787485f2027 xfs: fix node forward in 
839dac7f06d54600b3092a7ad9cb903315a27f97  libxfs: work around do_div() not 
handling 32 bit numerators
ea4a8de1e135905e240a54f192daf23275a7e8a8 xfs_repair: fix 

> -Ben

Arkadiusz MiÅkiewicz, arekm / maven.pl

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