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Re: [RFC] directory quota survey on xfs

To: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [RFC] directory quota survey on xfs
From: Zheng Liu <gnehzuil.liu@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2014 16:12:01 +0800
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Hi Dave,

On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 12:42:22PM +1100, Dave Chinner wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 22, 2013 at 05:59:29PM +0800, Zheng Liu wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 
> > As discussed with ext4 folks, I will try to make ext4 file system support
> > directory quota (a.k.a., project id in xfs).
> Firstly, project quotas are not directory quotas.  Project groups
> are simply an aggregation of unrelated inodes with a specific
> identifier (i.e. the project ID). Files accessable only to
> individual users can shared project ID and hence be accounted to the
> same quota, and hence accounting is independent of uid/gid.
> By themselves, project quotas cannot be used to implement direct
> subtree quotas - thay requires help from a special inode flag that
> is used on directory inodes: XFS_DIFLAG_PROJINHERIT
> This flag indicates that the directory and all inodes created in the
> directory inherit the project ID of the directory. Hence the act of
> creating a file in a XFS_DIFLAG_PROJINHERIT marked directory
> associates the new file with s a specific project group. New
> directories also get marked with XFS_DIFLAG_PROJINHERIT so the
> behaviour is propagated down the directory tree.
> Now, there is nothing to stop us from having files outside the
> inheritance subtree from also having the same project ID, and hence
> be accounted to the same project group. Indeed, you can have
> multiple sub-trees that all use the same project ID and hence are
> accounted together. e.g. a project has subdirs in various
> directories:
>       /documentation/project_A
>       /src/project_A
>       /build/project_A
>       /test/project_A
>       .....
>       /home/bill/project_A
>       /home/barry/project_A
>       /home/benito/project_A
>       /home/beryl/project_A
>       .....
> All of these directories can be set up with the same project ID
> and XFS_DIFLAG_PROJINHERIT flag, and hence all be accounted to the
> same project quota, despite being separate, disconnected subtrees.
> IOWs, project groups are an accounting mechanism associated with the
> inode's project ID, while XFS_DIFLAG_PROJINHERIT is a policy used
> to direct how project IDs are applied.
> > For keeping consistency
> > with xfs's implementation, I did some tests on xfs, and I summarized the
> > result as following.  This will help us understand what we can do and
> > what we can't do.  Please correct me if I miss doing some tests or mis-
> > understand something.
> > 
> > I just do some tests about rename/hardlink because they are the key
> > issue from our discussion.
> > 
> > + unaccounted dir
> > x accounted dir
> > 
> > rename(mv)
> > ==========
> > 
> > + -> +: ok
> > 
> > + -> x: ok
> > 
> > I use strace(1) to lookup which syscall is used, and I found that xfs
> > will return EXDEV when mv(1) tries to use rename(2) to move a dir from
> > a unaccounted dir to a accounted dir.  Then mv uses creat(2)/read(2)/
> > write(2) syscalls to move this dir.
> That's purely an implementation detail, designed to simplify the
> change of project ID for an inode.  By forcing the new inode to be
> created from scratch under the destination's project ID, we don't
> have to care about whether rename needs to allocate or free source
> directory metadata, what anonymous metadata was accounted to the
> source project ID as the srouce file and directory was modified,
> etc. It's as simple as this:
>         /*
>          * If we are using project inheritance, we only allow renames
>          * into our tree when the project IDs are the same; else the
>          * tree quota mechanism would be circumvented.
>          */
>         if (unlikely((target_dp->i_d.di_flags & XFS_DIFLAG_PROJINHERIT) &&
>                      (xfs_get_projid(target_dp) != xfs_get_projid(src_ip)))) {
>                 error = XFS_ERROR(EXDEV);
>                 goto error_return;
>         }
> It also documents the policy for accounting directory tree quotas:
> that quota is accounted for when moving *into* an accounted
> directory tree, not when moving out of a directory tree.
> > x -> +: wrong (design by feature?) 
> > 
> > If we move a dir from a accounted dir to a unaccounted dir, the quota is
> > still accounted.  It seems that xfs don't remove project id from this
> > dir and its subdirs/files on this case.
> That's the way the directory tree policy was designed: it's designed
> to allow project quotas to account for individual files as well as
> subtrees. Remember: projects are not confined to a single subtree
> and directory tree accounting is done when moving *into* a
> controlled tree, not the other way around.
> > x -> x: ok
> > 
> > Xfs returns EXDEV error when mv(1) uses rename(2) to move a dir from a
> > accounted dir to another accounted dir (These dirs have different
> > project ids).  Then mv(1) uses creat(1)/read(1)/write(1) syscalls to
> > move this dir.
> > 
> > summary:
> > rename        +        x
> > +             ok       ok (EXDEV)
> > x             wrong    ok (EXDEV)
> > 
> > hardlink(ln)
> > ========
> > 
> > + -> +: ok
> > 
> > + -> x: error
> > 
> > Xfs also returns EXDEV error to forbid this operation.  So that means
> > that we don't allow users to do a hardlink for a file from a unaccount
> > dir to a accounted dir.
> Of course - who do you account new changes to? It's the same problem
> as linking across directory trees with different project IDs....
> > 
> > x -> +: ok
> > 
> > This operation can be executed and no any error is reported.  After that
> > the quota doesn't be changed.  When both of two hardlinks are removed,
> > the quota will be discharged.
> Consistent with the rename case - checking is done based on the
> destination directory - you can link out to an uncontrolled
> destination as the inode is still accounted to the project ID, but
> you can't link into a controlled destination with a different
> project ID. The check is identical to the one I quoted for rename
> above.
> > As always, any comment or idea are welcome.
> I'd suggest that you implement project quotas, not directory quotas.
> They are way more flexible than pure directory quotas, but with only
> a few lines of code and a special directory flag they can be used to
> implement directory subtree quotas....

Sorry for the delay.  I really appreciate your detail explanation.

Personally, I agree with you that we implement a project quota
in ext4 and add a flag to support directory quota in order to keep
consistency with xfs.  But this still needs to be discussed with other
ext4 folks.  Later I will write a draft to describe my idea about
project quota in ext4.  That will let me collect more comments and

> I'd also strongly suggest that you use the XFS userspace quota API
> for managing project quotas, so that we can use the same management
> tools and tests to verify that they behave the same. Please don't
> invent a new version of the quota API to implement this - everything
> you need ifor managing project/directory quotas is already there in
> xfs_quota.....

Frankly, I don't like this, really.  Now we have quota-tool to manage
the quota in ext4.  So IMHO we'd better go on using this tool because it
is natural for ext4 users.  I still couldn't accept this fact that I
need to install xfsprogs for using a feature of ext4.  Further, it could
make users puzzled because they use quota to control user/group quota in
ext4, but it uses xfs_quota to control project quota.  It could bring
some troubles for the ext4 users who have written some scripts to manage
their machines.

                                                - Zheng

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