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Re: XFS...Windows?

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Subject: Re: XFS...Windows?
From: Jay Ashworth <jra@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 9 Dec 2013 11:42:14 -0500 (EST)
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Just to be clear about what's being discussed here: 

The proposal is to create a *windows* filesystem driver to allow Windows
machines to read and write locally-attached XFS filesystems, correct?

Presumably, such filesystems would be device-portable to Linux or other
machines also running XFS?

-- jr 'will ask stupid questions for food' a

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> From: "Shaun Gosse" <sgosse@xxxxxxx>
> To: "Yuji Saeki" <yuji1@xxxxxxxx>, xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
> Sent: Monday, December 9, 2013 11:16:38 AM
> Subject: RE: XFS...Windows?
> Wellâat the risk of jumping into something here:
> âwould SGI be okay with thatâ: keep in mind this a community project.
> There are contributors to XFS here at SGI. There is also a lot of work
> done by employees of Redhat as well as other companies (and a few
> freelance / people interested regardless of current position). Anyhow,
> just a quibble to note that itâs not a question of what SGI dictates.
> Although I will note that Iâve actually raised the idea of XFS on
> Windows internally (here at SGI) and while itâs not a priority I would
> say thereâs at least some interest. At the least, if you build it,
> weâll certainly take a look at it. â
> I saw an email a while back on this list that implied someone was
> trying to work on that iirc; I didnât see any follow-up from it. There
> are also some projects that look abandoned which tried to do this I
> recall from previous searches on this.
> One of the suggestions I heard when I was considering this was to look
> at how the ext port on Windows works. That looks mildly inactive
> itself but should be good for comparison.
> Internally, SGI has a proprietary system, CXFS, which does clustered
> XFS including Windows as client nodes. So weâve got code that actually
> does XFS data writes from Windows nodes. Of course, the tricky bit is
> managing all of the metadata/logging, which isnât touched from Windows
> in that system, but itâs just another tidbit to note âyes, this type
> of system should be possibleâ.
> As far as licensing, Iâm certainly no expert, but AFAIK it should be
> possible to use the same GPL license as you note and make an
> open-source Windows driver for this using as much of the current XFS
> code as is convenient. There are nuances in the license though. I can
> try to find the article if youâre interested: I read a post previously
> by someone who had developed a GPL driver on Windows and was noting
> concerns about linking against closed source libraries (essentially
> decided it was okay because it (a) could be considered a system
> library and (b) they were starting a fresh project so they could add
> extra exemptions specifically allowing that).
> I am a novice at XFS and, frankly, at Windows kernel device
> development as well. But Iâm certainly interested in seeing a GPL
> XFS-on-Windows developed at some point. If you go ahead with this, Iâd
> definitely appreciate any information and would be glad to assist in
> any way I can. And myself personally, Iâd absolutely appreciate
> someone else taking the lead on this, because with other issues Iâm
> working on, I would be unlikely to put serious solo effort into this
> anytime soon.
> Cheers,
> -Shaun Gosse
> CXFS Windows
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> Subject: XFS...Windows?
> Congratulations on your file system, itâs quite nice. Iâve benchmarked
> it myself, itâs very impressive. Iâm curious though, is there are
> thought to a Windows driver? If someone ported the most current-stable
> version to Windows (free) under the same license âGNU Lesser General
> Public Licenseâ with entire credit to XFS, would SGI be okay with
> that? A âno-warranty impliedâ (etc) kind of protection of course.
> Quite a few devs that I work with enjoy the XFS filesystem and we dev
> in both Linux and Windows. Weâre very interested in making this happen
> with respect to the XFS project.
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