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Re: [PATCH V3] xfsprogs: update version for 3.2.0-alpha2

To: Rich Johnston <rjohnston@xxxxxxx>, xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [PATCH V3] xfsprogs: update version for 3.2.0-alpha2
From: Eric Sandeen <sandeen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 10:27:04 -0600
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On 11/20/13, 9:58 PM, Rich Johnston wrote:
> On 11/20/2013 09:49 PM, Eric Sandeen wrote:


>> Just hit the highlights:
>> * What new features?
>> * What changes in behavior?
>> * What bugs were fixed?
>> you have a lot of leeway, but use your editorial powers to create
>> something useful to a user by distilling this noise into a narrative.
>> And fix spelling as needed.  ;)
>> If you'd like me to just write the changelog so we can get it out the
>> door, let me know.
> Kinda caught up in other things, go for it.  English is not my first 
> language. Many thanks Eric.

Ok, I'll come up w/ something tomorrow.  I'll take that bullet for you.  ;)

(Dave, unless you feel like putting something together before I wake up)

(And I didn't send this prior to waking up!  I'll try to get something together


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