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Hello !

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Subject: Hello !
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Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2013 06:55:12 -0800
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How are you doing?? I think whoever says sunshine brings happiness have not
danced in the rain,the best way to love is to meet people in a way that your
feelings will be without sentiments ,and also not getting attracted to looks
until you have the heart opened to a good level of understanding, this is
the only way to find such person.

My name is Miss Waliyah Gaziri, You may want to know more about me before
saying a thing ,lets give this a trial,  i think we may get to talk and see
what that feeling is all about,who know it could be love, but sincerely
speaking i think at my age ,i really want a happy life now, I want Good
friend not only good, but also my best friend to me,

i look forward for your response
i m new here and in this type of Friendship.
yours new friend Waliyah Gaziri
Email: gaziriwaliyah@xxxxxxxxx

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