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Upcoming Seminar - The ABCs Of Supervising Others - 17th and 18th Oct 20

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Subject: Upcoming Seminar - The ABCs Of Supervising Others - 17th and 18th Oct 2013
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Upcoming Seminar - The ABCs Of Supervising Others - 17th & 18th October 2013 @ Sarova Stanley, Nairobi, Kenya.

This workshop is for people who are new supervisors or who are interested in a supervisory position, as well as those who are lead hands or part-time supervisors without a great deal of authority.

This workshop is designed to help participants overcome many of the supervisory problems they will encounter in their first few weeks as a boss. Dealing with the many problems a new supervisor encounters isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to lead to discouragement.

Specific objectives of this workshop:

  • Clarify roles and responsibilities of the new job
  • Adjust to the new role with confidence and the knowledge you can handle the position
  • Develop skills in listening, asking questions, resolving conflict, and giving feedback to employees
  • Develop a technique for giving employees clear instructions
  • Identify techniques to deal with employee challenges, such as hostility, complaints, and laziness
  • Understand the importance of developing good relationships with employees and peers

Course Information

Event Date: Thursday, October 17, 2013 to Friday, October 18, 2013
Duration: 2 Days
Time: 8:30AM - 4:30PM
Venue: Sarova Stanley, Nairobi
Charges: Ksh. 36,500 + VAT Per Participant / $500 USD
Course Brochure Download (PDF):  The_ABCs_Of_Supervising_Others_Seminar.pdf
Delegation size: 30
Charges include: Professional fees, learning materials, meals and refreshments
Charges do not include: Accomodation, dinner, transport costs

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Course overview

Pre-assignment review

Pre-assignment discussion in small groups.

Making the transition

Discuss how your role will change when you become a supervisor. Developing solutions to common concerns of new supervisors.

Responsibilities of a supervisor

Explore the three main areas of responsibility and work through two case studies.

Setting goals

Set SMART goals to help you succeed.

Planning for success

Discuss the value of short and long range planning.

Listening skills

Learn about and practice active listening skills.

Asking questions

Develop another key communication skill: Asking good questions.

Giving feedback

Master the invaluable skill of giving feedback – an important, yet often tricky undertaking.

Ask for what you want

Learn ways to ask for what you want, whether it’s more staff, better resources, or a pay raise.

Giving instructions

Five key points to giving good instructions.

Orders, requests, and suggestions

Learn about these three specific types of instructions.

Managing conflict

Learn two different processes for managing conflict, and then practice those processes during a skill building exercise.

Dealing with difficult employees

Discuss how to deal with four common types of problem employees: The chronic complainer and the over-dependent, the lazy, or the hostile employee.

Dealing with others

General tips to remember when dealing with others, including power talk and the rules of likeability.

The reciprocal quality of relationships

Explore your personal network and how to be a positive influence in it.

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