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Re: Issues and new to the group

To: Joe Landman <joe.landman@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Issues and new to the group
From: Stan Hoeppner <stan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 21:39:08 -0500
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On 9/26/2013 9:59 AM, Joe Landman wrote:
> On 09/26/2013 09:12 AM, Ronnie Tartar wrote:
>> Stan,
>> Thanks for the reply.
>> My fragmentation is:
>> [root@AP-FS1 ~]# xfs_db -c frag -r /dev/xvdb1
>> actual 10470159, ideal 10409782, fragmentation factor 0.58%

> This was never likely the cause ...

Nobody suggested it was.


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