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Re: XFS recovery resumes...

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Subject: Re: XFS recovery resumes...
From: Jay Ashworth <jra@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 11:42:21 -0400 (EDT)
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> From: "Stan Hoeppner" <stan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> I'm not really into the DIY DVR scene, but I'd think with over the air,
> cable, and sat all being digital now that you should be able to get a
> single board to do the job, multi-channel simultaneous recording and
> all.

These days, that's the Ceton InfiniTV or the Silicon Dust HDHomeRun,
both of which are Ethernet-attach, and take zero slots.

And, alas, the other implication of unemployment and poverty is "analog
only cable".

> > Thanks for the homework with NewEgg;
> No problem. I have a rep to maintain after all. Maybe you didn't
> notice the right hand side of my email address. :)

> > I don't mind buying stuff from
> > them as long as it isn't HDDs. They can't pack worth a crap; it's
> > Received Wisdom on the MythTV mailing list that you *never* buy
> > drives from them, if you want them to last more than a year.
> Hadn't heard that before. I've never had a problem with any of the
> spinning drives I purchased from them. I had a Corsair SSD die after ~4
> months, no fault of Newegg. Of the few grand I've spent with them since
> 2003, on parts for many new systems, repairs and upgrades, the only
> other problem I've had was a $20 four channel fan controller w/one
> dead channel outta the box.

Things may have changed, but one of these ST3000s we're talking about came
by UPS fom TigerDirect... wrapped in one wrap of heavy kraft, and nothing
else.  Happily, their local retail store swapped it for me, for one that
came in in proper packaging, without trouble.

> > My endgame is to replace the entire backend with an HP DL180g6,
> > which
> > has 12 SAS/SATA tray slots on the front, and proper cooling. But
> > that,
> > too, is down the road a bit.
> Are you still talking about your sister's DVR here? Build another PC
> and spend some of the $$ you'd save on a 65" Panasonic Plasma. Save the
> rest for a rainy day. The DL180G6 (discontinued BTW) with a handful of
> drives will cost more than the PC and plasma TV combined.

Because it's discontinued, the secondary market price is about $200, and 
the 12 tray slots on the front will take the SATA drives I already have;
why I picked it.

-- jra
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