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Re: XFS recovery resumes...

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Subject: Re: XFS recovery resumes...
From: Jay Ashworth <jra@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Aug 2013 16:27:20 -0400 (EDT)
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> The board has VGA, DVI, and HDMI, so you should be covered six ways to
> Sunday with flat panel displays. If this Philips is an older "fork lift
> required" 37" CRT then it probably only has composite, Svideo, maybe
> component.

I *think* it has HDMI in, I just didn't have any HDMI capable VGA
cards at the time, so I moved on to something else in my head.

> > Well, oddly, it's up to about 1.4TB moved now overnight, and not a
> > whisper
> > of an error in any channel. It does need to be replaced, but the
> > question
> > is can I make it limp along reliably until she gets another job...
> Just keep fingers/toes crossed. That mobo is nearly 10 years old,
> never handled RAM correctly. You suffered a PSU failure which apparently
> damaged something to some degree. But you now know there are relatively
> inexpensive upgrade options available with the features you need, and
> you can begin planning, while not in "emergency mode" with sis
> hounding you every day to fix it. ;)

This is the second Major Catastrophe in about 8 years, so we've gotten
settled a bit that she takes second position if she can't pay my rate. :-)

But yes, an upgrade was planned; I just wanted to upgrade the damn tuners

Thanks for the homework with NewEgg; I don't mind buying stuff from 
them as long as it isn't HDDs.  They can't pack worth a crap; it's
Received Wisdom on the MythTV mailing list that you *never* buy 
drives from them, if you want them to last more than a year.

My endgame is to replace the entire backend with an HP DL180g6, which
has 12 SAS/SATA tray slots on the front, and proper cooling.  But that,
too, is down the road a bit.

-- jra
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