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Re: XFS recovery resumes...

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Subject: Re: XFS recovery resumes...
From: Jay Ashworth <jra@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 18:11:51 -0400 (EDT)
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> From: "Joe Landman" <joe.landman@xxxxxxxxx>

> > You need at least 497MB RAM to run with prefetching enabled.
> ^^^^^
> This is 1/2 GB ram, and you didn't specify the memory options of the
> xfs_repair ... so I'm going to guess at this point that you ran out of
> ram. Paging while running xfs_repair is no fun.
> How much ram do you have in this box? Next question is, is this an ECC
> memory box?

512M.  It's a *very* old KT6V based board, and when we tried to expand
it several years back, it went bat-guano with any more than half a gig.

> Not sure if you are hitting a bug as much as running into something
> else like a hardware limit (RAM) or a memory stick issue.

Well, the upstream cause was a 7 year old Antec power supply that
finally died, about a month ago, slowly.

> Do you have EDAC (or mcelog) on? Any errors from this?

I don't have mcelog on, and no, the memory isn't registered, but a
4-pass run of Memtest+ came up clean, so I'm speculating that the
*continuing* problem isn't hardware; I'm pretty sure it was just the
failing 12V rail on the dying PS.  I just have to clean up after it
enough to get *one* of these 2 drives cleaned off, then I can make a 
new FS, and play musical files.

Or, I may just go grab a 3TB external after all.  :-)

-- jra
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