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Re: A short digression on FOSS (Re: understanding speculative preallocat

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Subject: Re: A short digression on FOSS (Re: understanding speculative preallocation)
From: Jay Ashworth <jra@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 2013 21:50:43 -0400 (EDT)
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> From: "aurfalien" <aurfalien@xxxxxxxxx>

> > If Dave thinks *that* question is out of bounds, then when I do my
> > rotating reformat to recover from my recent power supply induced
> > crash, XFS will not be the file system I pick off the pulldown menu
> > to reformat with.
> Well, you'll be missing out. Who cares what any one thinks in terms of
> Free vs Fee paradigms, XFS is simply a rockin FS.

You bet; we've put dozens of TB on and off it in 9 years of running
MythTV.  And in the 2 instances where it's blown its brains out, 
Dave, in particular, has been very helpful in putting it back together;
it's a little unnerving, actually, to look the handle up after an 
IRC chat and discover you had the lead dev on the phone.

> I was really intrigued by his and Linus's back and forth not to long
> ago, some great knowledge for sure.

I was watching that; I didn't see it end.  Did it?

> This list is great so filter whats applicable and toss the rest in a
> bit bucket.

As it happens, though, My Sister's DVR is *not* the only machine with
Really Big Filesystems on it*, and it really does matter to me what the
development policies are on critical subsystems like this; hence my 
query above.

I really really *love* SuSE, after 8 years, but they've made a critical 
change I simply can't tolerate for commercial use, and I'm going to have
to pick a new distro.  (And anyone who says "well, just switch to SLES" 
either forgets that that's $1200/server/year, or forgets where Linux came
from in the first place...)

CentOS is the only thing that's anywhere close.

* ... for which I'm responsible ...

-- jra
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