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Invitation.. International Cardiometabolic Syndrome Eastern Mediterranea

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Subject: Invitation.. International Cardiometabolic Syndrome Eastern Mediterranean Congress.. in North Cyprus on 27 February - 02 March 2014
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Dear Distunguished Members of the Industry,

We are proud and honored to announce the First International Cardiometabolic Syndrome Eastern Mediterranean Congress will be held in North Cyprus on 27 February - 2 March 2014.
We will try to offer you the best in collaboration with many organizations because of being a qualified organization scientifically and socially this congress held in partnership with Eastern Mediterranean University, Diabetes Foundation of Turkey and Geriatric Foundation of Cyprus.

Cardiometabolic syndrome has become one of the most important health problems facing the world today. Sedentary lifestyle and high-calorie diet caused by the modern life are the most important factors in the emergence of this syndrome and they affect individuals of all ages. The rapid rise of this syndrome underlying obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, stressful lifestyles, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases brings into question the necessity of serious social measure plans. For this reason, all relevant health care professional should develop common strategies and action plans for both protection and treatment with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches.
One of the most important aims of our congress is to bring together stakeholders in the scientific arena for interdisciplinary collaboration in the fight against the Cardiometabolic Syndrome. Under this congress which will last 4 days in our nice island which is Pearl of Eastern Mediterranean, cardiometabolic risk factors, the problems caused by, and pressure of the different disciplines to the problems will be discussed by many eminent national and international scientists, precious from each other. Also during the conference, colorful and fun social events will be made.

Papers presented at the Congress will be published with a special number in the journal of International Journal of Basic and Clinical Studies.

Hoping to meet in our Cyprus bearing the traces of numerous civilizations past to the present day, offering an enchanted beauty in every season and being the mythical island of Aphrodite

Best Regards,                                                                    

Hülya HARUTOĞLU                                       M. Temel YILMAZ
Congress President                                       Congress President


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