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Hi Good morning.

This is Chuck, Sales manager of WitPIay Co. ltd., We are tablet pc and smart
phone manufacture in Shenzhen, China. Here is our website: http: // witplay.com

I saw you on http://lxr.free-electrons.com/source/MAINTAINERS , 
and get to know you were doing business of computer products.
So, I wonder if you are still interested in Tablet PC NEW PRODUCTS.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, plese check our new products below: 

1, 7 inch and 8 inch QUAD CORE 1G RAM, 1024*768 screen tablet pc(about 85$)  
----- WP- 8729
2, HD 1280*800 screen 1G RAM Galaxy S3 Phone (512m/4G version about 125$)and 
quadcore CPU
HTC butterfly style smart phone(about 200$). ----- WP- 5003, 5201
3, 9.7 inch tablet pc with 3G/GPS/FM ---- WP- 9501
4, 7 inch lowest price 42$ 800*480 screen with HDMI port. ---- WP- 7003

Good screen good quanlity.

Call me at +86 131 295 70279 , let's talk about BIG BUSINESS.
Not only sample order but also any questions are graetly welcome.

IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED,  sorry to bother you, please reply to let us know, 
NO MIALs will be sent to you in
the future.

Best regards,

Chuck / Sales Manager
Shenzhen WitPIay Technology, Co., Ltd.
Telphone:+ 86 755 3284 5640  Fax:+ 86 755 3284 5641 Website: http: // 

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