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[PATCH 0/2] xfs: more fixes for 3.10-rc3

To: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [PATCH 0/2] xfs: more fixes for 3.10-rc3
From: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 23 May 2013 22:30:38 +1000
Cc: bpm@xxxxxxx
Delivered-to: xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi Ben,

A couple more fixes for 3.10-rc3 for you to look at. The first fixes
random dquot CRC corruptions I have been seeing, and the second
fixes a log recovery failure that xfs/085 reproduces 100% of the
time with CRC enabled filesystems - it's a bug in the buffer
formatting code that's been there since 2002...



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