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Re: generic/258 questions (mount issue)...

To: "Michael L. Semon" <mlsemon35@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: generic/258 questions (mount issue)...
From: Rich Johnston <rjohnston@xxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 22 May 2013 14:01:47 -0500
Cc: Dave Chinner <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, <xfs@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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On 05/21/2013 10:03 PM, Michael L. Semon wrote:

This is my first attempt at doing a `git format-patch --stdout`.
Hopefully, this is somewhat more presentable to git.  Comments and
brow-beating are welcome.



Thanks for the patch Michael, it has been committed:

commit f4ba26dcdc64a206d73d47cf054ecb2742867c55
Author: Michael L. Semon <mlsemon35@xxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Wed May 22 13:50:59 2013 -0500

    xfstests: Change mount method for generic/258

The only other suggestion would be to make your email subject match the patch name and starting with which part of xfs it is submitted for (xfs:, xfstests:, xfsprogs:, xfsdump:, xfsdmapi:. etc) i.e.

Subject: [PATCH]  xfstests: Change mount method for generic/258


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